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Shoot The First Zombie

Shoot The First Zombie

/Negativity is cannibalistic. The more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it grows. — Bobby Darnell/ /I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. — Mahatma Gandhi/ You must shoot the first zombie. Negativity is a lot like being chased by a...

I’m Back This Time For Good

I’m Back This Time For Good

Most of 2019 I took a lot of time really trying to figure out who I wanted to become. Who I wanted to be. To get into the mental state that I’m in today. I found out my WHY wasn’t strong enough to carry me through. My reasons were too small and too weak. I didn’t...

The Brand With The 3 Most Powerful Words

The Brand With The 3 Most Powerful Words

Just Do It. — Nike Stop thinking about it. Stop looking for others’ opinions. Go out and make it happen. Less thinking, more doing. Let your results speak for you. /That podcast?/ Launch it. /That blog?/ Start it. /That book?/ Write it. /That idea?/ Flesh it out....

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